This or That

Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate (must be dark, bittersweet... no waxy Easter egg or advent calendar stuff pretending to be chocolate).

Morning or night?  Night. I am just way more curious, creative, productive, and funny at night. It's a good time. BUT: I really really really really really really really wish I was a morning person. I have morning-person envy.

Winter or summer?  Summer. Summertime is just so carefree and lovely. It is that time of the year, once temperatures hit about 18 C, when you'll see Canadians out at the beach, rollerblading and cycling, wearing shorts and a T-shirt (or less), trying to soak in as many rays as possible before winter turns its ugly head again (or maybe this is just a phenomenon in my hometown, Kelowna, B.C. - haha!). On another note: lying in my bed, sweating on my sheets in my non-airconditioned attic bedroom at 30-plus degrees is the worst feeling EVER. But I still choose summer because bundling up to go outside in the winter with bitter, sub-zero wind whipping at my face is much, much worse. And worse times a thousand with babies and toddlers.

East coast or west coast?  West. It's my home. I much prefer the "chill" pace of life in the west. I've never been further east than Ontario, though. So maybe I'd fall in love with the Maritimes. Who knows?!

Books or magazines? Books.

Roses or lilies?  Lilies

Sausage or bacon?  Bacon. I do not like sausage.

Mexican or Italian?  Mexican. C'mon. It's the best. Seriously. Provecho!

Saver or spender?  Saver. Until I do the once-a-year holy-crap-what-did-I-just-buy spree. Then I save again all year.

Beer or wine?  Wine. I have no appreciation for beer. Just don't like it.

Park or museum?  Park. Outdoors definitely trumps indoors for me; however, if the museum has anything to do with Human Rights then I would choose the museum over the park.

Coffee or Tea?  Tea. I truly love tea. I also love coffee. I just wish it didn't make me an anxious, irritable sleep-deprived person after 11 am. You don't want to talk to me after I've had a cup of coffee. Unless it's before 11 am or decaf. That said, I think my husband is secretly training my palate… haha! Although he faithfully brings me home my trusty ol’ Earl Grey leaves, he often slips me a cup of home-brewed Chemex in the early morning, just to “try” it… 

Call or text?  Depends

Dancing or singing?  Definitely both. Just not at the same time.


Share your answers in the comments. I'd love to hear! :)